Author: Mohammed Rahman

Muhammad Usman

Mohammed Rahman has been interested in sports since childhood and dreamed of playing in his favorite cricket team, but fate led him to write about sports betting, which he did not regret. As a schoolboy, he liked to write about sports and learn a lot of new things, so he and his friend organized a school newspaper where they “jokingly” reviewed local matches. Together with his father and his friends, he often attended IPL matches where he learned even more about sports and the industry in general.

Since childhood, he has been involved in various sports for a long time until he realized what exactly he likes. A few years later, Mohammed’s dedication led him to the editorial office of a site that was not very popular at that time, where he was hired to write small articles on various topics, so now the skill of writing reviews continued to develop professionally.

He worked long and hard to take a place in our team of professionals . Mohammed Rahman and several other talented editors work hard to ensure that you read only the most useful articles and reviews with up-to-date and accurate information. We are very glad that Mohammed is working with us and sharing his talent with the whole world!

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