Terms & Conditions

Compliance with the terms and conditions set out on the platform ensures that you can use all services and functions safely. Moreover, they are designed and enshrined directly to provide players with high-quality products. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the list of terms and conditions before embarking on the main activities. If they are not complied with, the offender may be subject to negative impacts and liability measures, also enshrined in the service’s founding principles.

Privacy policy

Most players are wondering about security when they start using the platform Sportbettingbangladesh.com. The rules in this part include:

  • Protection of players’ data;
  • Encryption of information;
  • Collecting personal information about the user solely provides them with additional features and services.

And this is not a closed list. These terms and conditions and their implementation by the company guarantee you, as a player, full security and personal protection.

Cookies files

This platform chip is your aid in protecting your data. Their characteristics:

  • Anonymises your actions on the site;
  • Edits the information sent to the platform, eliminating information that is too personal;
  • Data about votes on the service, various comments, and simple actions are saved.

Addressing security in this way also determines the high level of quality of activities provided. Each player notes this fact after using any of the services.

Copyright agreement on the service

When it comes to the use of the information listed on the portal, the service is based on the following principles:

  • The information provided is free;
  • Everything is allowed to be used and borrowed;
  • The main requirement is that there is an author link.

If you comply with these terms, you will be able to use the service and obtain the information you need without any consequences and harm to you.