Cookies Policy

Cookies are used at Sportbettingbangladesh. This is done so that each user gets the webpage optimised based on their preferences. 

What exactly are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data from a specific website stored on a user’s computer while browsing the web. They can have many functions. For example, with the help of cookies, your browser can remember your login details for a specific website. Cookies also allow website owners to track how many unique people have visited their website. 

You don’t have to worry about using cookies at Sportbettingbangladesh, as cookies will not harm your computer in any way. We won’t be able somehow to get any of your personal information with cookies. We use cookies only to make your experience better. This is why we only use cookies to provide you with information that can be more useful to you and help advertising partners to show you only those ads that can be helpful, and not in any way harmful.

How do cookies work? uses cookies to provide more useful information and make the experience of users better.

There are two types of cookies: Session and Persistent. Session cookies are those cookies that assist users in carrying information from one page to another. They are used so that you do not have to provide the same information each time you visit a page. For example, with the use of cookies, you will not have to enter your username and password each time you visit Sportbettingbangladesh, as with cookies, your browser can memorize them and automatically fill them in the next time you visit the website.

Persistent cookies are more long-term. They are kept on your computer until you manually delete them. The purpose of Persistent cookies is to familiarize your computer each time you open Sportbettingbangladesh. A simple example of Persistent cookies is language. We mean that once you use cookies and choose the language you want to use, the next time you open the website, it will automatically be in your preferred language.

Why does Sportbettingbangladesh use cookies?

There are multiple reasons why we use cookies on our website. Each of them is harmless, and they are:

  • To minimize bugs, crashes, or glitches;
  • To assist partners by providing you with advertisements that may be of good use to you;
  • To recognize the device you’re using to access Sportbettingbangladesh and adapt the website based on your preferences;
  • To let our users make use of live services on any page of the website;

How can you block cookies on your computer?

Surely, cookies are useful. However, they are not necessary. If you accidentally allow cookies but don’t want to use them, you can manually block them. Each browser has different processes for blocking cookies, and we present to you the most popular browsers:

  • Safari. Open the browser, click “Menu,” “Preferences,” and “Security.” Then, simply press “Block Third-Party and Advertising Cookies” and save;
  • Firefox. Just visit “Tools,” “Options,” “Privacy” and press the “Disable cookies” button;
  • MS Edge. Open the website, click “Menu,” “Settings,” “Site Permissions,” “Cookies and Site Data,” and press “Block All Cookies”;
  • Google Chrome. Click “Menu,” “Settings,” Privacy and Security,” “Cookies and Other Site Data,” and press “Block All Cookies.”

What are the consequences of blocking cookies?

There is no harm at all from blocking cookies in your browser. However, if you block cookies, Sportbettingbangladesh will not be able to provide you with information that may be useful to you based on your preferences and wishes.