How to register on Indibet

Step-by-step instructions for registering on the Indibet website

In order to pass Indibet sign up you need to open the official website of the office and do the following:

Step 1:

Click on the registration button in the right corner, after which a window will open for entering data;

Step 2:

Enter your username;

Step 3:

Make up a strong password, it should be at least 6 characters, which will contain letters and numbers;

Step 4:

Confirm your password by entering it again in the following field;

Step 5:

Enter your e-mail;

Step 6:

Enter your phone number and to the right of the field click on the “get code” button (If the number is correct, you will receive a special code by SMS);

Step 7:

Enter the code from the SMS in the following field;

Step 8:

Select the currency in which your bets will be placed;

Step 9:

Click on the “register” button.

This will complete the process of creating an account.

To log into their new account, players will only need to enter the login and password that was specified during the creation, it is recommended to write down these data in order to avoid any problems. And if you can not authorize it is only necessary to click on the button “forgot password” and follow further instructions.

The platform provides full security of your personal data, using the latest technologies for protection. But players are also advised to take care of their account and follow the basic steps to protect it. The main rule is that you should not share your Indibet password and login details with any third party, as this could lead to the theft of your personal funds from your account. 

How to sign up through the app

How Bangladeshi users can create a new account on Indibet

For complete convenience in the game, the management has also envisioned a mobile app for the users. It allows you to do everything the same as in the desktop version of the site, but without being tied to one place. The application software also allows you to go through the registration process, which will be exactly the same as on the PC. You just need to download and install it on mobile devices. Then open and also click on the button for registration and enter all the necessary data. And to ensure the safety of the account on smartphones, it is not recommended to leave the device with the open application unattended. 

Verify your Indibet account

Instructions for newcomers on Indibet how to pass identity verification

As Indibet is licensed and complies with all laws within Bangladesh, all players must be of legal age before registering and betting. In order for the management to be convinced of all their users, there is a verification process. It is also required to keep all gaming accounts safe and takes place as follows:

Step 1:

Log in to your personal account and click on the confirmation button;

Step 2:

In the data entry window that opens, enter everything you need (Full name, place of birth, and date);

Step 3:

Provide the management of the platform with the necessary documents, where the most important will be your photo, for example, passport or driver’s license);

Step 4:

Confirm your place of residence by providing a utility bill or any other similar document;

Step 5:

Complete the verification by clicking on the appropriate button.

If all the provided data will be of proper quality, the verification process will be as fast as possible and the player will be able to use all the possibilities of Indibet without any problems and restrictions.

Indibet Signup Bonus

Bonuses available to Indibet users when registering a new account

Bonus system is an integral part of any casino, as it is necessary for players to get as much benefit as possible from their bets, and at Indbet are available all the most favorable offers on the gambling market.

The very first incentive that can be used after registration for absolutely all players is a welcome bonus. It exists in order to attract as many new users to register and immediately receive the maximum benefit. All you need to do to get it is to create account, pass verification and make your first deposit. The minimum amount you will need to deposit is 100 BDT and the maximum is 100,000 BDT with a 200% bonus. It can be used within 30 days after receiving it, if during this period no bet will be made, the bonus will be canceled. If the player wants to cancel the offer early, it is necessary to contact Indibet support, and it can not be used together with other promotions.

In addition to the welcome bonus, there are also many favorable offers that can be used by all registered players:

  • Casino Signup Bonus. Players receive 50 free casino bets to their account, which give them the opportunity to wager on roulette, blackjack and slots absolutely free. You don’t have to do anything to receive it, just log in and play;
  • Bonus for inviting friends. To get it you only need to invite 5 friends, after which they have to come in and enter your code. If they then make a deposit within a week and start playing you get 50 free bonuses on your account;
  • Cricket Bonus. In order to get it also just need to register and start playing cricket. The first 50 bets will be absolutely free, which gives you a great advantage;
  • Cashback. Playing in casino games users have the opportunity to receive 1000 BDT to their account. The conditions are as simple as possible, you need to make at least two deposits in the past two weeks and bet at least 20,000 in eligible games on the day of the promotion.

On the platform there are many more lucrative offers, which can be found by going to the appropriate section, as well as if you keep an eye out for new offers, as the management of Indibet is constantly introducing new various benefits for players.


Is verification mandatory and how fast does it happen?
Verification is a mandatory process for all Indibet players. Since the company is fully legal the management has to make sure that all players are of legal age and this is why verification is carried out. If you have submitted all your documents correctly and in the right quality, the verification will take place as quickly as possible.

Why do I need to register and how do I do it?
Indibet register is necessary for each player to have a personal account, which will receive all bonuses and betting money. If you don’t create an account, you won’t be able to play any of the available games for real money. To pass you only need to enter all your basic data in the appropriate fields.

Will there be any bonus after creating an account at Indibet?
After creating an account, each player will receive an Indibet sign up bonus. It consists in the fact that after depositing the first funds on your personal account you get 200% of this amount, which can be realized in future bets within 30 days. You can cancel it with the help of the support service.

What should I do if I can’t log in to a new account?
If after creating an account the player is unable to authorize, there is a button “forgot password”. It is only necessary to click on it and follow the further instructions for password recovery. If there are any other difficulties with logging into a new account, you should contact the 24-hour support service.

What to do if the account could not pass verification?
If the account verification failed, you should resubmit all necessary documents in better quality and wait for the management to review them again. If all data is correct and of proper quality, the verification will be completed quickly.