The Six6s app is an option at the betting shop to have access to different services on your phone in Bangladesh. Use the mobile version or download the app so that there is access to hundreds of casino games and sporting events, as well as big bonuses. New players can get a 100% bonus up to BDT 1,666 on their first deposit.

Pros and cons of the Six6s app

List of advantages and disadvantages of Six6s app for Bengali users

There are advantages as well as disadvantages to every betting company and the Six6s app in Bangladesh includes. And to understand it study the written text:

Advantages of Six6s App:

  • A welcome bonus of up to BDT 1,666;
  • A few thousand sporting events and slots;
  • Supports 2FA authentication;
  • Supports payment methods popular in Bangladesh.
  • Free app download.
  • Disadvantages of Six6s App:

  • Not always available if there is no internet connection.
  • Six6s Apk for Android

    Instructions to download and install Six6s app on Android

    Six6s app download apk file for Android system users can in Bangladesh through the official page. Players will have access to entertainment, which means that creating sports betting and casino games will be allowed.  

    How to download Six6s for Android  

    For convenience, the Six6s app has been created on the Android system in Bangladesh, and the Six6s app download can be done by downloading the APK file and installing it. The download process will take players about 1-2 minutes. It requires: 

    Step 1:

    Scan the QR code. It is required to find the QR code scanning for APK download on the website of Six6s app download;

    Step 2:

    Find the installation file. Then on another page, the user will find a button to download the application and it is required to click it;

    Step 3:

    Allow the download of this file. The system will ask for confirmation and permit you to do so. 

    A warning may be displayed when downloading an APK file. Just allow an unknown source to download or do it in advance. This file from the official Bangladesh page is safe.

    How to install Six6s for apk  

    Make the Six6s app download for Android by installing Six6s apk on your phone. Here is how it is required to do:   

    Step 1:

    Locate the downloaded file. Open your downloads folder for it or see the file on your taskbar;

    Step 2:

    Run the installation. You will need to click on the downloaded file; 

    Step 3:

    Wait for this procedure to complete. The installation of the application is fast and is done automatically.

    The app icon will appear on your home screen and once opened, enjoy its features and game quietly after registering and Six6s app login. 

    Minimum system requirements for apk 

    Six6s app for Android is installed on modern smartphones without any problems. For proper functioning of the app after downloading and then installing the apk file, check the requirements for the app:

    OS Version6.0+
    Memory1 GB+
    Processor2 GHZ+
    Free Space200 MB+
    Installed Size16,5 MB

    Mobile devices that support the app 

    The app is adaptive and adjusts to any screen size without changing the quality of the image. To download and install the Six6s app, the user doesn’t need to have a phone from the latest model, but the following models are sufficient: 

    • Tablets: HUAWEI MatePad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo Yoga Tab, Xiaomi Pad;
    • Samsung smartphones: Galaxy A32 5G, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy M33, Galaxy S23;
    • HUAWEI smartphones: P40 Pro Plus, P30 Pro, Nova 5T, P40; 
    • Xiaomi smartphones: Poco F4, Mi 11 Lite, Redmi Note;
    • Smartphones from brands like Vivo, Poco, and Realme.  

    With enough storage other phones as well with support for updates will work well as well.  

    Six6s App for iOS

    Instructions to download and install Six6s app on iOS

    You can’t download the Six6s app for iOS right now, but soon there will be an app developed for that system as well. The iPhone owners need not worry as the mobile version of the site is allowed to be used and the features are also open to the users. 

    How to download Six6s for iOS

    There is no Six6s app for iOS in Brazil yet, but the mobile version of the site is always available. To use it, you are allowed to do the following:  

    Step 1:

    Use your browser to open the official Six6s page. It will be necessary to scan a QR code for a cell phone and the access to the site of the office will be for users;   

    Step 2:

    Add this website to the home screen. The “Share” icon should be found and the function to add to the home screen will be left to click; 

    Step 3:

    Create an icon. Further, specify its name and press the button “Add”. 

    Now a quick link will appear on your phone’s home screen. For iOS version 9 or above, the above steps are easy to follow on any iPad or iPhone.

    How to install Six6s for iOS 

    While there is no iOS app, it is possible and convenient to use the mobile version of the site as well as the app. The following steps are required in the browser to use the mobile version of Six6s on the iOS system:  

    Step 1:

    Turn on your smartphone on the iOS system;

    Step 2:

    Find the Six6s mobile site icon after adding it to your home screen;

    Step 3:

    Tap on this icon and use the services of the office if you wish. 

    Minimum system requirements for iOS

    Six6s on the iOS system is also available but in Bangladesh through the mobile version of the website. Users will want to make sure that the minimum system requirements are met by their smartphones. Here are the specifications minimum on iOS:

    IOS version9 or higher
    RAM4 Gb
    Storage space100 Mb
    Operating capacitiesMinimum 1.1 GHz

    Mobile devices supporting the app 

    Using the mobile version of the Six6s website for iOS and its smooth operation, it is better to choose smartphones on the following iOS devices: 

    • iPhone 5s;
    • iPhone 5;
    • iPhone SE;
    • iPhone 6s;
    • iPhone X;
    • iPhone 12;
    • iPhone 13 Pro;
    • iPad 3;
    • iPod touch;
    • iPad 4, etc.

    Even if your device is not shown in this list, newer or more powerful iOS gadgets are also available. 

    How to bet through the Six6s app 

    Step by step guide for Six6s users how to start betting through the app

    Every BD player wants to know how to earn BDT. This requires you to start creating bets and this is done like this:

    Step 1:

    Access your account. Register or log in to your account; 

    Step 2:

    Select an event. Go to the sports events or casino section and find any event; 

    Step 3:

    Select a bet. Study the betting line and analyze the markets for the event; 

    Step 4:

    Create a bet. Click on the odds you wish to gamble on;

    Step 5:

    Specify the amount of the bet. All the necessary information will be in the pop-up window and it is important to specify BDT. 

    The user will receive a coupon and in the personal cabinet will be able to check. Watch out for restrictions on the minimum and also the maximum BDT amount. 

    Bonuses through Six6s mobile app

    What bonuses are available for Six6s app users

    Every newcomer who decides to download the app and then sign up for Six6s in Bangladesh easily gets a welcome bonus from the casino. While on the app, users are allowed to receive other great promotions and bonuses. For Six6s betting site, they are as follows:

    • Random Bonus Drop; 
    • Bountiful Prize + Cash Pool; 
    • 100 BDT Free Bets Voucher; 
    • Unlimited Cash Rebate On Sports; 
    • Extra 1.5% Deposit Bonus; 
    • 666 BDT Free Bets Voucher; 
    • Double Your Winnings; 
    • Double Rewards; 
    • Sports Fan Frenzy; 
    • Sports Madness.

    For Six6s Casino, they are as follows:

    • Welcome offer. 100% Bonus up to 1,666 BDT once the first deposit is made; 
    • Random Bonus Drop; 
    • 5,666 BDT Reload Bonus;
    • Unlimited Cash Rebate;
    • Extra 1.5% Deposit Bonus; 
    • Magical Jackpot;
    • Double Your Winnings; 
    • Double Rewards; 
    • Game Show Lucky Draw;
    • Triple The Fun;
    • Live Casino’s Top Picks. 

    Depositing and withdrawing via the mobile app

    Deposit and withdrawal of won funds in Six6s app

    To deposit on the Six6s app in Bangladesh, the following methods are supported: 

    • UPay;
    • bKash;
    • SureCash;
    • USDT;
    • Nagad;
    • Bank Transfer;
    • Rocket. 

    In the app, the minimum deposit amount is 500 BDT but depends on the chosen method, and deposits are credited quickly.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 BDT and the methods used to withdraw funds in the Six6s app in Bangladesh are: 

    • Rocket;
    • Nagad;
    • bKash;
    • Local Bank.

    Six6s Mobile Site 

    How to use all Six6s features from the mobile version of the site

    The mobile version of the Six6s Bangladesh website is also good to use. You need to open the official Six6s page, then scan the QR code for mobile and do it with your phone. Then you will be redirected to the mobile version. The advantages of the mobile version of the Six6s website are as follows:

    • Has features just like the app;  
    • Adapts to the screen size of your device, making all navigation elements easily accessible and convenient;
    • No download is required and wastes space on your phone;
    • Can be used outside the home and earn BDT. 

    The disadvantages of the mobile version of the Six6s website are as follows:

    • Longer page load times than on the app.


    Is Six6s available in Bangladesh on the iOS system?
    No, it is not available. However, it is allowed to use the mobile version of Six6s website which has the same features as the app. And there is also an app on the Android system.

    Where is it possible to download the Six6s app?
    Six6s download app is possible from the official page of Six6s in Bangladesh. It is important to scan the QR code, allow the installation of the APK file of the app and use it.

    What is the minimum deposit amount in the Six6s app in Bangladesh?
    In the Six6s app in Bangladesh, the minimum deposit amount is BDT 500, but it depends on the chosen method.

    Is it allowed to get a separate registration for the Six6s app?
    Creating a second account on Six6s is prohibited as per the developed rules as well as company regulations.

    Is the Six6s app free of charge in Bangladesh?
    Players in Bangladesh can download the Six6s app for free. One will need to scan the QR code, then Six6s download apk and allow the installation of the APK file of the app and it will be available.

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